Anne Castle, Ass't Secy of Interior, Retires; Statements from Protect the Flows and Nuestro Río

For Immediate Release: October 1, 2014



From Protect the Flows and Nuestro Río 


Anne Castle, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science, retired from the Department of the Interior effective 9-30-14.  Castle spearheaded water and science policy for the Department, providing instrumental leadership on Colorado River water and power management, and protection and enhancement of our nation’s waterways and water resources.

Following are statements from sister organizations Protect the Flows and Nuestro Río on Anne Castle’s work with DOI and her contributions to promote America’s Great Outdoors. Both groups have worked with Castle to foster a healthy flowing Colorado River system:


Craig Mackey, Co-Director of business coalition Protect the Flows 

“Anne Castle is one of our most influential leaders devoted to common-sense solutions on complex water issues like drought and the looming supply and demand gap in the Colorado River basin. Anne has brought incredible insight coupled with an ability to drive collaborative processes to every project she touched at Interior, making her a tremendous asset in addressing the West’s water challenges.  She is an outstanding leader for the Colorado River Basin and we will sorely miss her contributions as we work to sustain our rivers and the economic benefits they bring to our communities.”


Marco Rauda,  National Coordinator for Nuestro Río 

"Anne Castle has contributed much to preserve the health of the Colorado River and its tributaries, playing an integral role in developing the Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study, which put a measurable face on how much of a water shortage we may be facing, and helping to manifest the recent pulse flow that brought life-giving water into the parched Colorado River delta in Mexico. She has been a great friend and collaborator to Nuestro Río, and we are indebted for her work to raise awareness about the endangered Colorado River Basin."

Protect the Flows is a coalition of over 1,100 businesses, from the Fortune 500 to main street retailers, that supports a healthy and flowing Colorado River system and the economic benefits the river provides the American Southwest. Please visit


Nuestro Río is a growing network of 21,000 Latinos in the Southwest who use their collective voice to educate communities about the history of Latinos and the Colorado River and to advocate for a healthy river for generations to come. For more information, visit:

New leadership positions at DOI are:

  • Kristen (Kris) Sarri will lead the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management & Budget as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary;
  • Jennifer Gimbel will lead the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Water and Science as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary; and
  • Estevan Lopez will lead the Bureau of Reclamation as the Principal Deputy Commissioner.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Management & Budget Kris Sarri: 
Kris Sarri has held several critical roles with the Administration.  Prior to joining the Department, Kris was the Associate Director for Legislative Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget in the Executive Office of the President.  Kris also served as the Deputy Director of Policy and Strategic Planning at the Department of Commerce.  She spent a number of years on Capitol Hill working for U.S. Senator Jack Reed and the Senate Commerce Committee, and the bipartisan Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition.  Kris received a Bachelor of Arts in Science from Washington University and her Master of Science in Natural Resources and Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science Jennifer Gimbel: Jennifer joined our team in June 2013 as Counselor to the Assistant Secretary for Water and Science before accepting her current role of Deputy Commissioner–External and Intergovernmental Affairs.  Jennifer has been working on critical issues involving the Rio Grande River, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, and other drought and climate change issues.  Prior to her arrival in June, Jennifer held various roles in the Bureau of Reclamation from July 2001 through December 2008, including Associate Director for Operations and advisor to the Secretary on Indian Water Rights Settlements.  Jennifer then became the Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board where she served with distinction for 5 years before coming back to the Department.  Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Wyoming, her Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Delaware, and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming. 

Principal Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation Estevan R. López:  Prior to his nomination by the President to become the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, Estevan was the Director of the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission since 2003.  Previously, Estevan served in a number of capacities for the County of Santa Fe from 1998 to 2003, including County Manager, Land Use and Utilities Department Director, Utilities Department Director, and Utilities Division Deputy Director.  From 1990 to 1997, he was a Public Utility Engineer at the New Mexico Public Utility Commission.  Previously, Mr. López worked at Arco Alaska, Inc., as an Operations Engineer and a Well Work Supervisor.  He received a Bachelor of Science from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.