People across the state of Arizona rely on the Colorado River to water our crops and to provide drinking water, recreation opportunities and jobs. Over a quarter of the people living in Arizona are Latino and our community must have a say in how to protect the Colorado River.

Nuestro Río is making sure that our voices are being heard in the debate through our Regional Water Caucus and our work with Latino youth.

Regional Water Caucus Members
in Arizona

Coconino County Supervisor
Elizabeth Archuleta

State Representative Mark Cardenas

State Representative Rebecca Rios

State Representative Rosanna Gabaldon

State Representative Lisa Otondo

State Senator Martin Quezada

City of Phoenix City Councilman
Daniel Valenzuela

Full List of Regional Water Caucus Members

Jesus Tovar, farmer
"The Colorado River gives life to the desert, and without it I don’t know if anything could...

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Lisa Otondo, State Representative, Arizona
"The Colorado River is the lifeblood of not only Arizona, but the entire southwest region...

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