Colorado College Releases 2016 Conservation in the West Poll


Today, Colorado College released the results of its 2016 Conservation in the West poll.  This year’s poll explored the concerns of voters in seven western states -- Arizona, Colorado, Montana Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming -- about water issues and the ongoing multi-year drought.  This is the first year results have included Nevada.

Voters in this survey largely agree that there is not enough water, and that more should be done to conserve it. They reject river diversions, support making agricultural irrigation more efficient, and say they are willing to conserve themselves.

Following is a statement from Nevada Assemblyman Edgar Flores about Nevada’s polling results on water.  Flores is also a member of the Nuestro Río Regional Water Caucus, made up of bipartisan Latino local elected officials from across the southwest that support efforts to conserve water in the Colorado River:

“It is clear that nearly three quarters of Nevadans are seriously concerned about the severe drought gripping western states for well over a decade.  Thankfully, Governor Sandoval, through his work leading the Nevada Drought Forum, has been a leader in helping to create solutions to improve drought conditions. Now Nevada must start to implement the emerging drought recommendation, particularly conservation, which is the most cost effective and expedient way to address drought. Nuestro Rio has reached out to the Obama administration asking that they prioritize NV with more funding for proven effective drought programs and we urge the Governor to join us in this worthwhile effort.”

Poll results on water conservation can be found here.

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