Stories from the River: New Mexico State Representative David Gallegos

"Since 1833, my family has owned a ranch in New Mexico and irrigated our land with water from the Colorado River system through acequias.

My father and his father and his father’s father – generation after generation of my family – have all had a deep appreciation for how the river supports life in this region. Growing up, I would help my grandfather irrigate the land each summer and listen as he patiently explained why we do what we do with the water in the acequias. He stressed the importance of the health of the entire river system and cautioned me against just thinking about just what our family or our ranch needed to survive. It is now my turn to pass this learning and these values onto my granddaughter.

As the Colorado River system struggles to meet the demands for its water, we need to look at the problem in the same way our forefathers would have looked at it. We must acknowledge that we are all in this together and solutions must take into account the needs of the entire system. For generations, the Latino community has relied on this river and we must take a leadership role in drawing on the past to find ways to conserve this valuable resource for the future."


New Mexico State Representative David Gallegos