Stories from the River: Denver City Councilwoman Deborah Ortega

"We’ve got a precious resource in the Colorado River and we need to help people all over Colorado, including the Latino community, understand the importance of our connections to the river.

For example, rafting on the Colorado River is a major economic driver for the communities around Glenwood Springs. There is a large Latino population living in that area and many of them rely on those rafting jobs to support their families.

Closer to Grand Junction, Palisade farmers rely heavily on water from the Colorado River for their crops, including their famous peach orchards. My parents live up there and see firsthand how that water contributes to our food supply and our economy.

In the Denver area, the connections to the Colorado River are sometimes harder to see, but they are just as important. The river provides drinking water for large numbers of families, including Latino ones, and supports many different types of businesses and jobs.

People don’t pay much attention to water unless it’s a time of drought with water restrictions that limit how often you can water your lawn, but it’s a serious issue. The demand for Colorado River water is exceeding the supply of water in the river and if we aren’t careful, there won’t be any water left for children and grandchildren.

We must all work together - as individuals, businesses and local and state governments - to conserve this valuable resource."


Denver City Councilwoman
Deborah Ortega