Stories from the River: Jesus Tovar, farmer

“The Colorado River gives life to the desert, and without it I don’t know if anything could survive here.

I’ve been farming in this area for the past 27 years and grow around 2,600 acres of vegetables. I currently employ over 20 full-time workers and without the river I wouldn’t be able to farm the acres I do or provide any jobs.

Water is the most valuable resource we have in this area, because without it we would not be able to produce the vegetables during the winter months that are consumed in the United States, and the ones that are exported to Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

As a farmer I try to be as efficient with the water as I can, so I laser level the land and apply only the amount of water necessary to produce a good crop. Though we make the best efforts to conserve and be as efficient with our water, Mother Nature plays the biggest role in what will happen in the future."


Jesus Tovar, farmer