Stories from the River: Lisa Otondo, State Representative, Arizona

"The Colorado River is the lifeblood of not only Arizona, but the entire southwest region. I'm interested in protecting the river because, being from a farming family, I know the extreme importance of the water to the agriculture community and economy. Agriculture is a $3.4 billion industry in Arizona.

Not only that, I was raised next to this river and I have wonderful memories of it…not just in Yuma, but in the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls and other beautiful parts of the state.

The Colorado River is important for boating and fishing and huge amounts of recreation in our area and also for tourism and for families. I smile because my life is filled with wonderful memories of the river.

Unfortunately, the problems facing the river are deep and complex. I wish the river was as deep as the problems. I don't think there is one answer, but I do know that we are all in this together. The river is all of ours and we need to protect it. Each of us can do something to help conserve water."


Lisa Otondo, State Representative, Arizona