The Colorado River is the primary source of drinking water for people in Southern Nevada. The river provides jobs, irrigates crops and fills Lake Mead for swimming, fishing, boating and other outdoor recreation activities.

One out of every four people living in Nevada is Latino. Our community must take a leadership role in calling for the conservation of this precious resource. Nuestro Río is working to help our elected officials and young people become advocates for a healthy river for generations to come.

Regional Water Caucus Members
in Nevada

Assemblyman Nelson Araujo

North Las Vegas City Councilman
Isaac Barron

State Senator Mo Denis

Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz

Assemblyman Edgar Flores

State Senator Ruben Kihuen

Full List of Regional Water Caucus Members

Rosalia Salazar, Nuestro Río Youth Leader
"I grew up in Las Vegas where many people don’t realize that our water comes from...

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Assemblyman Nelson Araujo
"The Colorado River is facing incredibly pressing issues which we are ...

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