New Mexico

The Animas, Gila, La Plata, Mancos, Navajo and San Juan rivers are all tributaries of the Colorado River that flow through the state of New Mexico. People in New Mexico depend on this river system for drinking water, crop irrigation, jobs and outdoor recreation.

Latinos make up over 45 percent of the population in New Mexico and we need to take a leadership role in protecting the Colorado River system. Nuestro Río is working with elected officials and youth to make sure we have a voice in the debate over how this precious resource should be conserved.

Regional Water Caucus Members
in New Mexico*

State Representative George Dodge

State Representative David Gallegos

Mayor Javier Gonzales,
City of Santa Fe

City Councilwoman Michelle Martinez,
City of Espanola

Acequia Commission Chairman
Ralph Vigil

(*Just a few of the notable Regional Water Caucus New Mexico Members. For a full list see below.)

Full List of Regional Water Caucus Members

David Gallegos, State Representative, New Mexico
"Since 1833, my family has owned a ranch in New Mexico and irrigated our land with water from the Colorado River system through...

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Ralph Vigil, Chairman, New Mexico Acequia Commission
"I was raised in Pecos, New Mexico and my family worked the land to produce various agricultural products such as maize concho for chicos and...

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