Nuestro Río on Obama's Steps for Drought Response/Water Conservation

Nuestro Río Applauds Drought Response

For Immediate Release:  June 12, 2015


Nicole Gonzalez Patterson, Director, Nuestro Río

(602) 316-1343

"The Latino community across the southwest is uniquely tied to the Colorado River, and we want to ensure that our communities, farms and ranches will continue to thrive.  Putting these 21st century water management solutions in place as quickly as possible will help reduce the chances that emergency declarations, like the one issued in California, become commonplace across the West. The widespread drought across the west is a strong signal that all of us must redouble our efforts to increase water use efficiency in cities, in businesses and on farms and ranches that rely on the Colorado River.  All of the southwestern states are in this together, and we can have thriving cities, growing economies, vibrant agriculture and healthy rivers even in dry times, but only if we recognize the urgency to act now." 


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Nuestro Río is a growing network of over 21,000 Latinos in the Southwest who use their collective voice to educate communities about the history of Latinos and the Colorado River and to advocate for a healthy river for generations to come. For more information, visit: