Stories from the River: Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez

"As a child growing up on the Westside of Denver, I never had an opportunity to experience the Colorado River. I wasn't able to go on a rafting trip, fishing, or simply feel its water in my hands. I didn't understand its connection to me, or the history of my ancestors.

As I grew older, I began to appreciate the critical role that the river has played in the history and culture of Latinos in our region. I learned more about how the river supplies drinking water, supports jobs, irrigates crops and provides recreation opportunities all across our and other western states. It became clear to me that the Latino community needed to show its support for conserving this valuable resource, but that many Latinos, especially in urban areas, don’t see how they are connected to the river.

The river is facing serious challenges today as demand grows for its water. In order to make sure that it will still be here for our children and grandchildren, we must help the Latino community understand these connections and become advocates for the conservation of the river."


Denver City Councilman
Paul Lopez